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2016 School Library System Tech Retreat

Rensselaerville Photos

This past weekend, 20+ school librarians from the Capital Region of NY gathered in Rensselaerville at the Carey Institute for Global Good in the beautiful Helderberg mountains, for a weekend of learning and lots of laughter.

Saturday was a full day workshop on annual reports. (Can you imagine giving up your weekend for this? I promise, I tried to make it as fun and useful as I could!) In the morning we looked at a lots of annual reports and focused on ways to gather and present data in a meaningful way. (more…)

Learning with Innovative Technology: Call for Speakers

Learning with Innovative Technology

The 1st Annual Learning with Innovative Technology Conference will be held in Saratoga Springs on July 8, 2016.  Speakers at this free conference will share innovative uses of technology in K-12, higher ed and other educational settings.

What a great opportunity to share YOUR innovative ideas and programs. The call for speakers is open until May 2.

Canva for Work is now free for non-profits

Canva for WorkThanks to the 5 Minute Librarian for sharing a great post on the features of Canva for Work and the tip that Canva is free for non-profits and charitable organizations.

What is Canva? It’s a terrific tool for creating graphics, posters, marketing materials, images for web pages & social media, and more. Be sure to read the 5 Minute Librarian post for a great overview of the features. The Canva for Work account is normally about $10 per month. Take it for a spin and apply for the non-profit account.

Canva Examples
Examples of what you can create with Canva

Social Media & Marketing Workshop

Thanks to the Schenectady County Public Library for hosting last Friday’s Social Media & Marketing workshop  This was part 1 of a 3 part workshop series being sponsored by:

Part 2 of this workshop will be offered in the Saratoga area on September 28. It will cover presentations, posters, newsletters, graphics, images and live video tools.  Part 3 is scheduled for Dec 15. More information will be available on the CDLC website as it becomes available.

Slides and resources from the workshop

Job opening: Empire State Library Network Projects Coordinator

What a great part-time job opportunity. A terrific chance to learn more about library systems in NY and network with lots of library folks.


Empire State Library Network (formerly the NY3Rs), an organization comprised of nine systems that serve all types of libraries in New York State, is seeking a part-time Projects Coordinator. The anticipated start date is July 1, 2016.

Empire State Library Network PROJECTS COORDINATOR

The ESLN Projects Coordinator conducts tasks to support the various projects sponsored by the Network (more…)

Instagram Landing Pages

Instagram Landing PagesDoes it make you nutsy when you want to know more about something really interesting on Instagram and the account’s profile link simply dumps you on the main page of a web site or blog, with no sign of what you’re looking for? Worse yet, is when the site has no search features. It frustrates me and I’m sure it frustrates others.

I was prepping for a Social Media & Marketing workshop today and checking library Instagram accounts, when it struck me how easily this can be solved with a dedicated Instagram landing page (more…)