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February, 2012:

MHLS Build Your Base Online project – RSS examples

I’m working with the Mid-Hudson Library System on a 10 week 23 things online learning project, which is part of their Building Your Base  project, a 2 year grant funded project focusing on helping library staff explore new ways to connect their communities.

This past week we explored RSS as a tool for gathering information and to push information back out to the community. As part of this, I’m going to use this space to show the group some examples of how they can repackage rss feeds on their web sites and the web sites of other community organizations.  Our course web site is on and doesn’t allow embedding javascript content in blog posts. And anyways, maybe these ideas will give other people some ideas too!

The example here is an RSS feed for the Hudson Valley Reads readers advisory newsletters. (more…)

Pinterest: curation, image sharing, collaborating, bookmarking & obsession

Like so many other folks, I’m having a lot of fun with Pinterest. When it released invitations last spring, I grabbed one and included it in my school library workshops as a way for students to gather images and curate collections of ideas for projects. But mostly I tried to forget that I knew about it, it was just too much fun and tempting to spend far too much time there. Fast forward….. interest in Pinterest has exploded and finally a client asked me to use it for a legit work purpose, really. Thank you Karen!

This week I set up an account for your NYS Summer Reading program and added boards for programming ideas, crafts and book trailer videos. The idea is to have folks collaborate and add pins with fun ideas. And after the experience of setting up this account and starting to add collaborators, I wanted to share the tips I learned about Pinterest. Or maybe I’m just justifiying playing with it some more. Whatever!

What is Pinterest?

Not familiar with Pinterest? It’s an image-based social network where members set up pinboards for their favorite obsessions and interests and add photos and images that (in theory, more on that later) link back to the original source of the image. If I see a craft project that has a fabulous image to go with it, I can pin that image on my Crafts board and share it with others. Pinterest doesn’t have a private board option, so everyone in the world can see everything you post.

Pinterest is… Social networking, image sharing, collaboration, social bookmarking, curation…. a little bit of everything. In the US, Pinterest is incredibly popular with woman who are interested in crafts, home, fashion, etc. (more…)