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23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni: Essential Skills for Success

On July 10, the students and alumni at San Jose State U School of Library & Information Science launched a terrific new 23 Things learning program. The program was designed for SJSU SLIS library school students and alumni, but the content will be available for anyone to follow along on their own.

The 23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni: Essential Skills for Success will encompass 23 technologies and skills recommended for SJSU SLIS students and alumni by SLIS students and alumni. These technologies will be presented in a module format taking the participant through weekly 20-30 minute tutorials followed by an exercise to demonstrate learning.

The topics will cover tech tools of value to new students, professional development and presentations, and resources for new LIS professionals. Whether you’re an LIS student or not, take a look and pick some modules to learn some new skills, you won’t earn the fun badges, but you’ll learn something new!  Or consider adapting the program  to implement at your own school, complete with badges. And who doesn’t like badges.

(via: Tame the Web)


  1. Elaine Hall says:

    Polly – thank you for re-posting on this exciting 23 Things for SLIS Students and Alumni program. I am a MLIS graduate student at SLIS and the project manager for this program. We are very excited about its launch and the program’s potential to build and sustain a collaborative learning community for SLIS students and alumni!

    1. Happy to share the news about your project. It’s such a great idea. Sounds like it will be a great way to help connect students and alums, as well as providing the learning opportunities. Great work!!