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Speak Up for NYS Library Aid

Take a minute to support NYS libraries

Libraries are essential

Libraries are essential

A minute! That’s all it takes to  send a message to support library aid to NYS Libraries.

Yesterday I saw stats on how many of these messages had been sent to each NYS legislator. I was astonished at how few!

I thought there would be a flood of letters. There weren’t even enough to account for a all of our trustees & library staff, let alone the public who use our libraries. Amazing.

Sign and ask someone else too. I’m guilty too, I didn’t even get around to sharing this with my husband. I will now!

Library Advocacy Day

one tenth of one cent

Library Aid is less than 1/10 of 1% of the NYS Budget – Support Fully Funding Library Aid (image scsdmshslibrary

Today was Library Advocacy Day in NY. The day when hundreds of library staff, trustees, supporters and many students travel to Albany to meet with legislators to talk about how libraries serve their communities. And oh yeah, they also talk about the state aid that NYS Education law requires and what the Governor’s budget actually proposes. No surprise, those numbers aren’t the same.

New York State Education Law requires library aid for FY 2015-2016 to be $102.6M. This figure is based on the most recent census data. The Governor’s flat funding proposal puts state library aid at $86.6M, equivalent to 1997 funding and $16M short of where it should be. (Source: Speak Up for NYS Library Aid)

The New York Library Association has a super easy way to send your support on their Speak Up for NYS Library Aid page.   Enter your name and address and a letter of support will be sent to your legislators.

New York State Performers and Programs Database

Performers and Programs New York State

An email query about how the New York State Performers and Programs project was built sent my memory banks into overdrive today trying to remember what tools we used to create the project back in 2004.

Taking a look at the site for the first time in a long time, I was so pleased to see that it’s still being used and updated with great new programs and performers.

The database is searchable by audience, topics, regions, costs and keywords. And includes over 800 programs that have been updated in the last year. The whole database includes over 2,000 programs.

If you know of a performer or program provider that isn’t registered, encourage them to do so! And do check it out to find some new program ideas.


New York State Performers and Programs

More information about the project.  The site is currently maintained by the New York State Library Dept of Library Development.

Mobile Apps & Public Libraries

Earlier today I asked the library twitterverse for examples of mobile apps related workshops, classes, hangouts, meetups, etc that they’re offering to their communities. Some great examples were shared! I’ll add more if I get any more responses later.

My Tweet:









NYLA SnapshotNY – Participate!


All the folks in our Cool Tools for School and SALS Ten Mobile Things workshops have been playing with photo and video tools for the last few weeks, so they should be all set to participate in SNASPSHOTNY! What about you?

From ProtectNYLibraries

How do people use library services on a typical day? Document your library — how busy and how essential your library is with statistics, pictures, videos and user comments?

Join New York’s libraries and participate in SNAPSHOTNY: A Day in the Life of a Library by collecting photographs and videos between Monday, January 13th and Friday, January 31st and choose one day to track your stats.

Ready to join? Then pick a day and collect statistics on:

  • How many patron visits?
  • How many people used your public computers?
  • How many reference questions did your staff answer?
  • How many children participated in programs (including school visits as well as library-sponsored programs)?
  • How many adults participated in programs?
  • What was the total circulation for the day?
  • How many hits did your website receive?

Deadline for submitting all data–stats, photos and video is Friday, January 31st.

Library Advocacy MOOC

Interesting learning opportunity Begins Feb 24 – free edX MOOC on library advocacy being offered by Wendy Newman, Gwen Harris and Colleen Dineen – U of Toronto iSchool.

Library Advocacy Unshushed: Values, evidence, action

Learn how to be a powerful advocate for the values and future of libraries and librarianship. Be informed, strategic, courageous, passionate, and unshushed!

About this Course

How can we strengthen libraries and librarians in the advancement of knowledge, creativity, and literacy in the 21st century? Though libraries have been loved for over 3,600 years, their relevance in the digital age is being questioned, and their economic and social impacts are poorly understood. What is really essential ab (more…)

Online Signing for The Declaration for the Right to Libraries

The Declaration for the Right to Libraries

You can now sign the Declaration for the Right to Libraries online?  Have you signed?  Is your library holding a signing event? Have you put the the logo and link on your web site, facebook page, other community sites, etc?

What is the Declaration for the Right to Libraries?

The Declaration for the Right to Libraries is the cornerstone document of ALA President Barbara Stripling’s presidential initiative, Libraries Change Lives, which is designed to build the public will and sustained support for America’s right to libraries of all types – academic, special school and public.

In the next year, libraries of all types will hold signing ceremonies, during which (more…)