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Library 2.0

Cycling for Libraries: Rolling in to Tallinn

The hardy Cycling for Libraries riders are just about done with their journey. If I’ve counted the days right, they should be rolling into Tallinn, Estonia today (Tuesday Aug 8) after cycling for 10 days and 600 km!

Here’s one of their daily videos. Many more available on Kirjastokaista

Library Day in the Life – Day 2 & 3


Day 2?

Well really, just day 3. Forgot to write yesterday and even though I did have a few notes from the day, they’ve disappeared along with any memory of what I was doing. I know that I sat at my desk all day long, with just one quick excursion to the bank and post office. Mostly I was working on a digital storytelling class for this Friday.

So Day 3 instead

Even after all these years of being a consultant, I’m still amazed  that I can spend a whole day, just emailing, organizing, checking calendars and answering questions – and not really having any billable hours. If you decide you want to be a freelance consultant, remember that you’ll probably put in 5 hours of work for every hour you bill for. Set your fees accordingly! You’re your own secretary, assistant, accountant and custodian. And you end up talking to yourself, a lot!

So what did I do today? Here are the scribbles I kept as the day progressed. (more…)

Free Learning Opportunity

It’s not too late to join in the All Together Now Learning 2.0 program that started this week. It’s being led by Michael Stephens of Tame The Web.

Free, fun, you’ll learn a lot, you’ll connect with new colleagues. The program will cover 12 topics over the 6 weeks. Join in, have some fun and learn.

To sneak a peek and see who’s already signed up, check out the lists of participants.

p.s. This is being run by School Library Journal, but it’s not just for school librarians!

Bookmobiles are 2.0

Seems to me that bookmobiles are very “library 2.0” and have been for the last 50 years or so. Talk about taking the library out to the community. But The Boston Globe thinks that bookmobiles are fading away: Bookmobiles’ final chapter?

I haven’t looked up the stats on this, but I’m not convinced. There’s a new bookmobile in a city near me, taking the library out to community centers, senior homes and other neighborhood places. Is this a new trend? I do hope so!

Now for the personal nostalgia. I loved the bookmobile when I was a kid. Not as great as going to the big library, but pretty darn cool that I could ride my bike to meet the bookmobile and get some new books to read. Maybe 10 year olds on bikes aren’t the current demographic target for bookmobiles, but I’m guessing there are plenty of people who would welcome a visit from the a bookmobile. Doesn’t get much more ‘2.0’ than that!

K-12 Online Conference

Thanks to Carolyn Foote over on for sharing this info about the upcoming K12 Online Conference 2007. The conference will focus on web 2.0 tools and their role in learning. Presentations will be posted online. Several “live events” will take place online as well. Love that the theme is “Playing with Boundaries” – this certainly plays with the boundaries of how to attend a conference. Looking forward to this ‘happening’! (ok, happenings were so 1960’s or was it 70’s?)

Welcome to the K-12 Online Conference!

The K-12 Online Conference invites participation from all educators from around the world who are interested in innovative ways Web 2.0 tools and technologies can be used to improve learning. This is a FREE conference run by volunteers and open to everyone, no registration is required. The conference theme is “Playing with Boundaries”. The 2007 conference begins with a pre-conference keynote the week of October 8, 2007. The following two weeks, October 15-19 and October 22-26, forty presentations will be posted online to the conference blog (this website) for participants to download and view. Live Events in the form of three “Fireside Chats” and a culminating “When Night Falls” event will be announced. Everyone is encouraged to participate in both live events during the conference as well as asynchronous conversations.

Library 2.0 Tech Camp – New session scheduled

Back by Popular Request – Library 2.0 Tech CampTwo 2-day tech camps were held over the summer. Apparently we had a waiting list for those sessions. So Linda Fox at Capital Region BOCES School Library System has scheduled another session. And I understand there are some more advanced sessions being scheduled for the spring.

“This two day Tech camp is designed to help library media specialists gain a comfort level with some of the Library 2.0 technologies. Sessions will be informal and collaborative. Strategies for integration into the curriculum will be offered and shared. Topics covered may include, blogs and wikis, tagging, de.lic.ious, ning and Flickr.”

When: October 26 and 27, 2007
Where: Rensslaerville Institute
Who: School library media specialists
Trainer: Polly Farrington
Cost: $125 per person ­ all double rooms

For more information, visit the Cap Region BOCES SLS web site.