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Thanks for a Wonderful Year!

Thanks to everyone who made my work so much fun over the past year. Here’s a quick video with some photos from workshops, dinners, conferences and other fun events from the past year.  Watch out when you see my camera during 2012!

This is also my first post in the  #blog12daysxmas challenge that @polyxena challenged me to join. Happy to be joining my friends from Oz in this short “write a post a day for 12 days” challenge. That’s short enough that maybe I’ll finish it? I’m already a day behind, it started on Christmas day. And given that it’s already tomorrow in Australia, I guess I’m two days behind?

Since I’m working on a Cool Tools for Schools “23 things” project, I might try to write a quick post each day about a tool that I find handy or that sounds interesting.

Happy New Year!


Library Day in the Life Project

This week is Round 5 of Bobbi Newman’s great project “Library Day in the Life” week. Or day. Whichever! Are you participating? As of today 140 library folks around the world are sharing what their library work days are like. What a great way to find out about other parts of our profession.

A Day in the Life of a Library… Whether you are a librarian or library worker of any kind, help us share and learn about the joys and challenges of working in a library. Join us by sharing details of your day for a week on your blog..Not only is this a great way for us to see what our colleagues are doing and how they spend their days but it’s a great way for students who are interested in the library profession to see what we really do.

As an independent consultant who works from home, my days are probably a bit different than most library staff. Or maybe they aren’t? You decide.

Since I know I’m not likely to blog about my days, I’m using a nifty tool called QuoteURL to capture my tweets about #libday5 and display them here.

  1. polly
    pollyalida RT @sphericalfruit: Non-librarian followers: what’s #libday5? It’s a web-wide initiative for librarians to report their work. Ever wonde …
  2. polly
    pollyalida Today’s the first day of Library Day in the Life / Round 5, July 26th, 2010 R U participating? #libday5
  3. polly
    pollyalida 1 goal 4 this week- clean up my office! Been a very busy few months & it’s out of control. #libday5
  4. polly
    pollyalida Spent much of the afternoon looking for YA book trailers 4 summer reading site: #libday5
  5. polly
    pollyalida Caught up on some reading of articles tweeted by colleagues. #libday5

this quote was brought to you by quoteurl

The T is for Training Challenge

Maurice Coleman, wrangler extraordinaire for the T is for Training podcast group, has challenged each member of the group to answer these 27 questions as a getting to know you exercise. Who am I to ignore orders!

1) Your One Sentence Bio

My business card reads: librarian . techie . trainer . consultant – to which I’ll add amateur gardener, foodie, reader, photographer, traveler.

2) Do you blog? If yes, how did you come up with your blog name?

Yes, here at, very uncreatively named for my uncreatively named business, PA Farrington Associates.

3) What is your professional background? (more…)

Is the moon ever really blue?

It’s a blue moon tonight, though it’s not really blue or green or made of cheese. It’s just that not so rare, second full moon in a month. I asked my local astronomer in residence if the moon ever appears blue. And guess what? Yes, it can be blue! And it is indeed rare and unpredictable, true to the meaning of the phrase “every once in a blue moon.”

There are several definitions of the term “Blue Moon”. Today we have an example of one of them, “the second full moon in a calendar month”. For me, this occurrence is not very interesting – a statistical artifact of our calender that has absolutely nothing to do with the Moon’s color and isn’t even particularly rare (it occurs every 3 years or so and is entirely predictable). A much rarer, far less predictable, and much more interesting situation can lead to a Blue Moon that is true to its name. (more…)

Great customer service

Some kudos to these companies for their great customer service this past week:

  • Hertz – I called to confirm a reservation, they found me a cheaper rate. Nearly $100 cheaper! Yay.
  • Coldwater Creek – Stopped at local store to return an item from mail order. Noticed one of the items I’d decided to keep was on sale in the store. They refunded the price difference! Ok, I turned right around and spent that savings on something else.
  • Hampton Inn – A phone call from them to let me know that their Internet service might be interrupted during an upcoming stay. Wow, they must have made a zillion phone calls. 
  • Best Western Monterey – Helpful, friendly reservations person who answered all my questions and was really pleasant in the process.
  • Ok US AIR! – you’ve got a lot to live up to tomorrow…… Please astonish me – in a good way!

Disappearing WordPress Visual Editor?

Time for wine
This is one of those days when WordPress is making me crazy. For no apparent reason, the visual editing tool bar has disappeared. It was there earlier, but gone now.

I ran the upgrade to get to version 2.8.1, but that didn’t bring back the Visual editor.

And the upgrade process nearly wiped out my blog again. Weird, the UPGRADE option under the TOOLS panel failed. This has happened before, so maybe it’s just my server and host? But then the naggy UPGRADE NOW message that was taunting me at the top of the screen worked fine.

So I’m all upgraded, well my blog is, wish I could get upgraded too! But where’s my visual editor? Oh well, maybe it will come back tomorrow. It’s almost my birthday, so I guess I’ll have some wine and ignore WordPress for tonight.