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Google Instant Music Videos

No doubt you’ve seen the new Google Instant search feature by now, where Google not only tries to anticipate what you’re going to type, but also changes your search results as you type. (I assume I’m not the only one who’s turned it off because they were getting dizzy?)

Anyways, geek that I am, I love these music videos that use Google Instant for the visuals.  Whirled Creative seems to have started it with Instant Elements


Netvibes as a Research Organizer

If you haven’t considered using  Netvibes as a tool to help student’s organize their research resources, take a look at these examples created by 10th grade students working on Veterans’ issues research projects.  Alex’s page & Jovi’s page are  both terrific examples of how Netvibes can help students bring together a wealth of research materials, help keep them on track during the project and allow them to share their progress with others. It’s equally an organizational tool and a presentation tool.

These students are part of the semester long Media 21 project designed and taught by Buffy Hamilton and her colleague, Ms. Lester at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia.

And be sure to read Buffy’s most recent post to hear more about this impressive project and hear Alex & Jovi explain how they put together their Netvibes pages.

AudioBoo & Vocaroo & Google Earth

This morning I saw a tweet that led me to a wiki that mentioned a blog post that answered a question I didn’t realize I had – yet! The question was how to add audio to placemarks in Google Earth. One of the school library systems I work with is offering a session on Google Lit Trips. And being able to have students add their own voices would be terrific. Tom Barrett outlines the steps to do this in his blog post: Google Earth is our Paper – Part 2: Add your Voice

Vocaroo is the handy recording tool that he recommended using. No accounts to set up, just go to the site, click on Record and well, record! That’s it. Your audio is saved and Vocaroo gives you options to download your audio, share it via a link directly to the file and code to embed it on a web page. It’s the embed code you need to add it to the Google Earth placemarks. Easy!

I was hoping I could do the same with AudioBoo, another easy to use voice recorder that I love. But I couldn’t get the embed code to work with the Google Earth placemarks. I’ll fiddle with it some more when I get a chance.

Despite that, if you haven’t seen AudioBoo, take a look. It’s a handy way to get short audio recordings posted quickly. There’s an iPhone app for recording on the go (I want a Droid app please!), you can record directly to the web site and you can upload files in a variety of formats. Your ‘boos’ have an rss feed and can also be posted directly to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, FriendFeed and Tumblr. There’s also code for embedding the boos on other web pages.

What other tools are you using to record audio?

Free audiobook short stories, kids songs and Kahuna Reef video game!

kahunareefThanks to Rachel Singer Gordon’s Mashup Mom, I scored some fun freebies today. And you can too!

From  Freebies on Friday, 4/24/09

  • Free Big Kahuna Reef game download from
  • Get the Walking Oliver Sampler — 5 free kids songs — from

From Thematic Thursday, 4/23/09 — Boooooooks

  • Get 9 free short story audiobook MP3s from Barnes & Noble.

And while you’re there, check out the tons of other great bargains and coupons.  Thanks Rachel!

Poetry, photography & flickr

The Academy of American Poets Free Verse project on Flickr.

flickr free verse project

Inspired by the 2009 National Poetry Month poster design, the Academy of American Poets invites you to capture and share your own ephemeral bits of verse. Write lines from a favorite poem on a sandy beach, assemble twigs on a hillside, or chalk the sidewalk. Take a photo before it disappears and post it to the Free Verse group page on Flickr. Include the source of your lines in the photo caption.

All photos posted by April 15 will be automatically entered in a contest to win the new Poem in Your Pocket Anthology and a commemorative piece of hand-engraved jewelry by San Francisco designer Jeanine Payer. Selected entries will be featured on

via: Unquiet Librarian

Archival photos, civil war music, great slide show

Kris Abery (CT State Library) did a great slide show today for their CT 23 things project. Photos from the CT State Archives, Civil War music from the Digital History project and Microsoft Photostory to put it all together. Then posted to and embedded in her blog post.  All free tools and services. And knowing the speed at which Kris works, this probably took less than an hour? 🙂  Great job Kris!

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