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Screenast-o-matic – Animated gifs

Screencast-o-matic, one of my favorite screencasting tools, has a handy new feature that lets you record a short screencast and turn it into an animated gif instead of a video file.

  • Advantages? Easier to post to some web sites that don’t allow posting of video files. No plugins neeeded to view it.
  • Disadvantages? No audio.  Gif files support fewer colors, so colors might be a bit wonky.

More info at Screencast-o-matic.


Google’s Oct 12, 2010 Gumby doodle as an animated gif





Beginning video

If you’re looking for a terrific introduction to setting up your first blog, take a few minutes to view this great instructional screencast by Amanda Goodman.  She expertly takes you through setting up your account, basic settings, writing posts & pages, adding a sidebar widget for your favorite links, changing themes and more.

This looks like it might be the first of several tutorials? Hope she continues and creates a whole series of screencasts.   I’m really impressed at the quality of the screencasting and narration as well. Not an easy job to pull off, but Amanda makes the screencasting look easy. Well done, Amanda!

Screencasting & Podcasting classes

Since I don’t teach the same groups of people all the time, I don’t often get to see what the folks in my classes do with what they’ve learned. But this week two librarians let me  know how they’d put their learning to work! I  love it  when that happens!

Sam Cook of the U of Hartford  Allen Library was in my Screencasting class on Wednesday. Today, he posted his first tutorial to the library website! Speedy! And he did a terrific job.

During the same class, Gretchen Durley of the Terryville (CT) PL told me about the project she’d launched after the Podcasting class she’d taken some months ago. She holds a monthly Discussion & Dessert book group for 3rd & 4th graders. As part of that they record their reactions and reviews of each month’s books. And what fun and thoughtful reviews these kids are doing.  Have a listen and see if you don’t agree.

A big thanks to Gretchen and Sam for sharing what they’ve created.

Teacher Training Videos

I love it when I find a great new resource, only to realize that I bookmarked it in delicious account months ago! So much for my memory. In any case, here’s one of those resources that I re-learned about today. 🙂

Teacher Training Videos
“were created for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching.” These screencasts step you through how to use a wide range of desktop & web based tools and include ideas for using them in educational settings.

Tools covered include: delicious, Bubblr, YouTube, RSS, SecondLife, iTunes, Twitter, BlackBoard, Photoshop, PowerPoint and many many more. And there’s a special section of screencast for ELT/ESL. I could spend all day watching these and learning about new tools and new tips for ones I’m already familiar with.

New Features in ScreenToaster

Screentoaster, a great tool for creating screencasts, has added some new features. I haven’t had a chance to test these out yet, but here’s what the email said.

1. Upload your videos to YouTube in HD
2. Download in .mov for video editing, Audio now supported for downloaded files
3. Beta Test our recorder API
Let your users publish videos directly on your blog, forum, website or extranet.
Ideal for collaborative projects, professional tutorials, users’ support and feedback management, bug tracking and reporting.

What changed since February :

– New categories and subcategories
– Four levels of privacy
– Direct upload to Google Video for featured videos
– Download in .swf file formats
– Record from external VNC servers
– Accelerated or slow-motion playback / Pauses during recording
– Spread on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed, Digg
– Bookmark it on Delicious, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Buzz and Google Bookmark
– Send your video by mail
– Suggested videos on the video pages
– Branded profiles
– Search filters: “most commented”, by “language”…
– Custom RSS feeds

Logging in to iCONN – a ScreenToaster Screencast

Steve Cauffman from the CT State Library put together this great screencast using the free tool ScreenToaster. Note he took advantage of Screentoaster’s captioning feature to make the video more accessible.

ScreenToaster is one of several tools we covered in a recent class on Screencasting.