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Online Meetings: Free & Easy

SlideShare, that wonderful service for sharing slide presentations (and more), has just launched a new online meeting service called Zipcast. And it looks to be a winner. Just select one of your slide sets  as the basis for the meeting and click on the Zipcast link right above the slides.  Choose if your meeting is public or private.

Your very own meeting room will open (your meeting room has a URL like this: Easily broadcast an invitation to your Facebook & Twitter networks (or not). To invite others, just email them your meeting room URL. Turn on your video camera and microphone to start talking to attendees.

Attendees can use the Chat box to communicate with you. (more…)

Creating slidecasts on Slideshare just got easier!

Slideshare is a great place to share your presentation slide shows. And a great place to find presentations by others to inspire and educate. Adding audio to your presentation can make your slides even more useful to others. Slideshare lets you add audio to your presentations to create a “slidecast”, but up till now, you had to find some other web server to host your audio file. A bit of a barrier for many people. Now you can host upload your audio track right to Slideshare! Much simpler.  Thank you Slideshare.

(via: Slideshare newsletter)

Example of a Slideshare slide show (alas, without audio)

SlideShare & YouTube

SlideShare, the popular site for sharing slide presentations, now lets users embed YouTube videos in their presentations. Just upload your slideshow as usual. From the edit screen, there’s now an option for embedding up to 5 videos per presentation. Very easy to do. More info available on the SlideShare blog.

Here’s my very quick test.

View more presentations or upload your own.

Wordia – a video dictionary

This is way more fun than the vocabulary flash cards we used back in 3rd grade. Wordia is a collection of short videos submitted that explain the meaning of a word. Anyone can submit a video, some are casual, some goofy, some are a bit serious. But most of the ones I watched really did help understand the meaning of a word.

Wouldn’t this be a great class project?

Take a look for yourself and then get out your video cam and explain your favorite word.

One of my favorites was “fermata”, which was a new word for me!

(via: Infodoodads)

Slidecast demo on

For the upcoming screencasting classes in CT, I’ve put together a sample of a “slidecast” on Basically it’s a narrated Powerpoint slide show.

SlideShare | View | Upload your own

Storytelling, Slide Sharing and WebSlides

At the school library tech camp session last weekend, some of us got talking about using Web 2.0 tools for digital storytelling. I decided to play with a few tools and create a new page about storytelling on my wiki:

The tools all take your photos or images and let you add audio and/or text narration.

  • VoiceThread is a wonderful tool that I’ve mentioned here before that lets you upload your images, add text notes and audio. Other users can also chime in and leave audio and text notes.
  • Animoto was new to me (mentioned to me by Diane Cordell on TeacherLibrarianNing) Animoto lets you create short videos (more…)