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Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools Resources

Our scissors are now digital

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The resource page for the Cool Tools for Schools Thing 5: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools Resources has been moved to this website. We’re going to be starting another Cool Tools workshop and the site needs some updating.

The Digital Storytelling page on Cool Tools gets an amazing amount of traffic and has many external links. I didn’t want people to lose access to the page. It’s now available on this site:

Digital Storytelling Odds & Ends

Little Bird Tales is geared towards younger children. This site lets them create storybooks by uploading  photos and scanned drawings, create drawings online and recording audio directly from your microphone.  This free site has no advertising. A nice tool for younger children and families. (via: Free Technology for Teachers)

Pummelvision, a fun tool that makes a great video out of your photos, has added some features. Choice of speeds for the photos to flash by, order of the photos, support for Facebook albums, select a particular flickr set and support for other photo sources. Love the 18 Leotards in 30 Seconds video on the gallery page. These changes make this a tool worth looking at as a creative presentation tool. I’m adding it to the class resource page for my Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools workshop.

VoiceThread has added a handy feature to easily search for and import creative commons licensed photos from Flickr. Credit and links back to the original photos are included in your VoiceThread production. (via: @judygressel)

Welcome to Pine Point – An amazing & very engaging example of interactive storytelling. Or is a movie? Or an interactive movie? Or a ‘liquid book’? Or the most amazing scrapbook ever made? You tell me.  (via @teach42)

Digital Storytelling as Advocacy – TechSoup Contest

TechSoup’s Digital Storytelling Event

Are you up for a fun challenge? One that will help you showcase your organization’s mission and work? What a great opportunity to create a compelling advocacy piece for your library and to learn more about digital tools you can use to share your “story” with your community.

The TechSoup Digital Storytelling Event kicks off tomorrow (Thursday January 13) with a free webinar: How To Tell Your Story. A second free webinar, Tools for Digital Storytelling, is scheduled for January 20.

The Digital Storytelling Challenge also begins tomorrow and runs through January 31.

The Challenge

Participants will have several weeks (January 13 – January 31) to create a 60 second video 5-panel picture story, showcasing their mission and work. No production or storytelling experience is necessary. TechSoup is here to help through free webinars tools and strategies for creating your digital story, featuring leading nonprofit, media, and communications experts, as well as an event discussion forum where you can ask any questions as you go about creating your story. The deadline to submit your entry is January 31, 2011 at 5 PM Pacific.

Oh and did I mention PRIZES?

I’ve just signed up for the webinars and looking forward to sharing the tips and ideas I learn with the Digital Storytelling class we’re holding at the Champlain Valley School Library System in Plattsburgh later this month.

HistoryPin: Maps, Photos and Stories

I’m getting delightfully lost in the HistoryPin website. Old photos, layered on top of Google Maps and stories to go with them – all things that I love to explore.

What is HistoryPin?

The site invites the public to dig out, upload and pin their own old photos, as well as the stories behind them, onto the Historypin map. Uniquely, Historypin allows users to layer their old images onto modern Street View scenes, revealing a series of windows into the past.

Historypin is one in a series of projects created as part of We Are What We Do’s campaign to get generations talking more, sharing more and coming together more often.  (

Wouldn’t this would be a great project for libraries and schools to get involved with? It makes me think of the wonderful Remember When photo & memory project done by the Ipswich Library in Queensland Australia.

(The screenshots at the top are then & now images of a tunnel called the Argyle Cut that was dug through a sandstone ridge in Sydney in the mid 1800’s. )

Words and pictures and storytelling

octopus' garden in the shade

I love words and pictures and storytelling. And I love playing with tools that help us tell our stories. So it’s no surprise that I’m having great fun playing with  Flickr Poet from Stories in Flight which I discovered last week from a colleague’s flickr stream. Pop in a poem, song lyrics or just random thoughts and see what you get!

Flickr poet pulls in photos from flickr that match your words in some way. Click on “Show Story” over and over to get different interpretations of your words. What a great way to enhance a poetry or storytelling project.

For a school project, it might be more interesting to have students pick out photos themselves and create their own presentations.

Tools to find photos

Finding photos is pretty easy, finding photos that are licensed for reuse under Creative Commons can be a bit more of a challenge. (more…)

Archival photos, civil war music, great slide show

Kris Abery (CT State Library) did a great slide show today for their CT 23 things project. Photos from the CT State Archives, Civil War music from the Digital History project and Microsoft Photostory to put it all together. Then posted to and embedded in her blog post.  All free tools and services. And knowing the speed at which Kris works, this probably took less than an hour? 🙂  Great job Kris!

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