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Mobile Apps for Learning, Teaching and Productivity

Mobile Apps for Learning, Teaching and ProductivityThanks to everyone who attended and contributed great tips and apps during our session on Mobile Apps for Learning, Teaching and Productivity on Friday at the NYLA Annual Conference. The session was sponsored by the Section of School Librarians. Thank you for inviting us to speak. And thank you to my co-presenters, Melissa Jacobs Israel and Nicole Waskie-Laura. Our slides are now available.

Don’t forget about SSL’s next big event, the 2015 NYLA/SSL Spring Conference from April 30 to May 2, 2015 in Tarrytown NY.

Mobile Apps & Public Libraries

Earlier today I asked the library twitterverse for examples of mobile apps related workshops, classes, hangouts, meetups, etc that they’re offering to their communities. Some great examples were shared! I’ll add more if I get any more responses later.

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LITA Code Year Python Workshop at ALA

python-logoThe LITA Code Year Interest Group is offering a pre-conference on learning to code with Python  at ALA later this week.

Though I won’t be able to be there, I’m happy to have the chance to help out, along with the Python Software Foundation, by sponsoring  lunch for the attendees. Cool! Hope the cookies and coffee are good!

For more info about the workshop and why we need more library staff learning to code, read Andromeda Yelton’s post: Come learn Python with me!

Can’t make it to the workshop, but curious about coding? Check out LJ’s article and resource list: Cracking the Code: Librarians Acquiring Essential Coding Skills

Learning even just a little bit about coding will help you understand how our library systems do (or don’t!) work. And if you really learn to code, you can help make existing systems better and build amazing new services.





This directory of education oriented apps and tools includes ratings and reviews from the members of the Edshelf community. Many reviews include great tips on how to use the tools in educational settings.  Easy to search/browse for specific types of tools and filter by cost, age, subject area and more.

Create collections of your favorite tools to share with others. Collections can be shared as an embedded widget or printed out with QR codes to give easy access to the apps. Handy for a classroom setting. This looks like a great resource to add to your list of go-to sites for keeping up with useful tools and organizing your own favorites. Free to join.

Here’s my first collection. I think I’ll use this for organizing tools for some of my workshops. Looks much more appealing than a boring bulleted list!

[edshelf-collection-widget id=”10940″ height=”300″]

Learning New Tech & Working with IT

A couple of really interesting blog posts from the last week.

Just Do it! and Trust Yourself.

Jennifer Carey offers encoruagement to anyone who’s a bit leary of diving into new tech tools in her post Hesitant Teachers Can Learn New Tech

Many educators feel overwhelmed by new technology and may feel apprehensive when it comes to adopting it in the classroom. But I’m here to make the case that learning to use technology and employing it as part of your curriculum is actually easier than ever. Way easier. Read more to find out how to “Just Do It”!

Kids, Learning, Risks & Rewards

George Couros shares some wonderful advice for evaluating the use of tech tools and services in schools in 4 Guiding Questions For Your IT Department

  1. What is best for kids?
  2. How does this improve learning?
  3. If we were to do _________, what is the balance of risk vs. reward?
  4. Is this serving the few or the majority?

Tech Smackdown!

The 2011 Carol A. Kearney Leadership Retreat was held earlier this week at Cornell. What an amazing event. I had no idea this retreat had been going on for 20 years.

The event, put on by the NYLA Section on School Libraries, was organized by Sara Kelly Johns & Christine Hatami – with the help of many other school librarians from around the state.  This year’s theme was “Think, Create, Share and Grow: Transforming Your School Library Leadership” and included 2 days of terrific presentations and discussions. Check out the wiki for details on the topics covered and links to many valuable resources.

Chris Harris & I had fun running the Tech Smackdown. We had about 20 brave folks who volunteered to shared their favorite apps and tools with the group. The evening of fun continued with an auction to raise scholarship funds – much fun was had by all and over $2300 was raised!