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Etc: QuietTube, FlipSnack & PewInternet Twitter Update

Quietube – A handy tool for removing all the extraneous stuff on a YouTube page. Sometimes the suggested videos & comments on a YouTube page can be a bit distracting or inappropriate for your audience. Add the quietube bookmarklet to your browser bar, navigate to a YouTube video, click the bookmarklet and magic, all the extra stuff goes away.  Or just format the YouTube video URL in the following format for the same outcome:

For a screencast explaining this: VIDEO: Clean up YouTube videos (via: Teacher Experience Exchange)

FlipSnack – Upload a PDF to create an online flipbook. This one takes a PDF file and converts it to a flipbook. Handy for reports & projects that you’ve written in Word or other office products that can be output in PDF format. Upload it to FlipSnack and use embed code to put it on your website. Free version limits you to 3 books of 15 pages or less.

PewInternet: Twitter Update May 2011 – Twitter use is up and up significantly. 13 % of online adults* are using it, up from 8% in November 2010. In that same time period, usage doubled in two age groups: age 25-34 went from 9% to 19% and age 55-64, 4% to 8% – we older booms rock – or maybe we’re just spying on our kids?!  (*77% of adults over the age of 18 are online.)


Kids Create Library Promo Videos

A couple of great videos created by the kids at the Sarah Hull Hallock Free Library in Milton, NY.

In the first one the kids tell why they like the library: books, computers, hanging out with friends, lemonade!

And the second, an appeal to voters to get out and support the library budget in November.

Creative and fun! This library participated in a summer reading mini-grant project sponsored by the Mid-Hudson Library System.  The grant provided video cameras and training on editing video (full disclosure – I had great fun doing the training session). Many of the videos are now posted on the NYS Summer Reading site.

Thanks to Marilyn Fino of the Milton Library for sending these in!

“A Book for Every Mood” – teen video

Isn’t this video great? Part of the summer reading video project at the Higland (NY) Public Library. Thanks to Theresa Zacek for sending these on to me.

A Book for Every Mood written, performed and filmed by the teens.

And don’t miss their Little Red and the Pigs Revenge!! and the instructions for an Origami Star Box

As part of their summer reading programs, the Mid-Hudson and Ramapo-Catskill library systems provided mini-grants for member libraries to buy small video cameras for the kids and teens to make movies. And I conducted workshops for the staff on movie editing and camera use. What fun we had.

But not as much fun as the kids seem to be having making movies!  As the summer draws to a close, the videos are pouring in and I’m having a great time watching them.  We’re posting a selection of them on the NYS Summer Reading web site.

Animoto Father’s Day Greetings

animotoJust like they did for Mother’s Day, Animoto is offering a special way to deliver your Father’s Day greetings. Upload some photos and greetings for your Dad and let Animoto animate it for you. Easy peasy!

Make your own Animoto Mother’s Day video

Animoto has a handy option for creating a customized Mother’s Day greeting. Upload your photos, pick some music – or maybe record your own greeting as and upload that as the audio. Finally select the special Mother’s Day greeting option. Your video will appear in a pretty frame and have it’s own URL. Send that off to Mom for her own personalized video!

Teacher Training Videos

I love it when I find a great new resource, only to realize that I bookmarked it in delicious account months ago! So much for my memory. In any case, here’s one of those resources that I re-learned about today. 🙂

Teacher Training Videos
“were created for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching.” These screencasts step you through how to use a wide range of desktop & web based tools and include ideas for using them in educational settings.

Tools covered include: delicious, Bubblr, YouTube, RSS, SecondLife, iTunes, Twitter, BlackBoard, Photoshop, PowerPoint and many many more. And there’s a special section of screencast for ELT/ESL. I could spend all day watching these and learning about new tools and new tips for ones I’m already familiar with.