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Haiku Deck for Great Presentations

Haiku Deck is the simple new way to create stunning presentations – whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, telling a story, or igniting a movement, it’s fast, fun and simple for anyone to use.

I know, I fall in love with apps easily and Haiku Deck is my latest love. It’s an  iPad app for creating great presentations, quickly and easily. Type in a few words and Creative Commons photos are retrieved to be used as the background for your slides.  Each slide can only accommodate a few words, which fits right in with Presentation Zen concepts of simpler, more meaningful slides that enhance, rather than overwhelm your presentation.  You can also use your own images that are on your iPad.

Slide decks can be shown from your iPad or exported to PowerPoint. The iPad share menu also posts to Facebook & Twitter. You can also access your decks via  the HaikuDeck web page. From here you can download a slidedeck as a a PDF, share via some additional social networks, leave comments on public slidedecks and get a snippet of code to embed the slidedeck on other sites.  (I’m having trouble embedding anything here on a WordPress site though.  A link to one instead:

This would be a great tool to use with kids and teens, since it won’t find anything but Creative Commons licensed photos. No more struggling  through dreadful Google Image search results and wondering who really owns an image that you want to use.  One caution though, the image source info is available when you’re viewing a slidedeck on an iPad, but that information seems to disappear when exported to PowerPoint or downloaded as a PDF. It would be great if there was a final slide that included the credits for each image and/or an option to place the source in tiny print somewhere on the slide.

The app is free and comes with a choice of several free styles and fonts. There are also some premium themes available for $1.99.

(via: Linda Braun)

Beyond PowerPoint – NYLA Preconference

beyond powerpointThanks to the all the terrific folks who participated in the pre-conference workshop on presentation and data visualization at the NYLA Annual Conference in Saratoga Springs NY. Here are the slides I promised to posts. I’ll also post a list of resources that we discussed on my Courses & Resources pages. (more…)

Good PowerPoint Design

I came across this great presentation while gathering resources for a workshop on improving your presentations (getting beyond the dreaded slides full of bullet points, better use of graphics, data visualizations and so on.)

The core points (ironically bullet-pointed!) are:

  • Design from audience perspective! What do they want/need to know.
  • Don’t overwhelm. Stick to a core message, use stories
  • Simple visuals, effective graphics.
  • YOU have to deliver – engage, inform, entertain  & involve the audience.

(via: SlideShare Newsletter for August 2011)

Creating slidecasts on Slideshare just got easier!

Slideshare is a great place to share your presentation slide shows. And a great place to find presentations by others to inspire and educate. Adding audio to your presentation can make your slides even more useful to others. Slideshare lets you add audio to your presentations to create a “slidecast”, but up till now, you had to find some other web server to host your audio file. A bit of a barrier for many people. Now you can host upload your audio track right to Slideshare! Much simpler.  Thank you Slideshare.

(via: Slideshare newsletter)

Example of a Slideshare slide show (alas, without audio)

Prezi for Presentations

Prezi looks like an absolutely fascinating new presentation tool. It’s in beta testing and I don’t have an invite yet, so haven’t been able to play. (hint hint prezi – invite please??) But  Jason Rhode posted a  photo to flickr today and this blog post about it that intrigued me.  Take a look at his great demo presentation to find out what it’s all about. Much better than me trying to explain it!

photo by jrhode on flickr

SlideShare & YouTube

SlideShare, the popular site for sharing slide presentations, now lets users embed YouTube videos in their presentations. Just upload your slideshow as usual. From the edit screen, there’s now an option for embedding up to 5 videos per presentation. Very easy to do. More info available on the SlideShare blog.

Here’s my very quick test.

View more presentations or upload your own.