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Jetpack Carousel

Just a quick test of the updated Carousel slide show feature in Jetpack.  Click on any thumbnail to go to the Carousel powered slide show.  Carousel turns any standard WordPress photo gallery into a full screen, easy to browse slide show. Viewers can leave comments on individual images and EXIF data can be included if desired.

These are a few of the photos that I took during a visit to the Sello Library in Espoo, Finland in May 2012.

Create Photo Slideshows with PhotoPeach

PhotoPeach is a new photo slideshow service. It’s currently free and allows 100 photos per slideshow. Users can create up to 100 slideshows. Photos can be uploaded from your computer or retrieved from Facebook, Picasa or flickr. In addition to a selection of music on the site, users can search for and use music used as background in YouTube videos.

Summer in Quebec (and Maine) on PhotoPeach

Transitions from slide to slide seem to remain the same regardless of the music tempo, something that slideshow service Animoto has mastered. It’s easy to add titles/notes to each slide, but I couldn’t find a way to edit them. Viewers can also leave comments, though I couldn’t find a way to delete comments.

This service creates attractive slideshows with great quality photos and it’s easy to use. I assume they’ll be adding more features in the future.