Walking the Neighborhood with Google Earth & Zillow

Now that spring is here (or was here briefly), I took a long walk around the neighborhood. It seems a whole new high rent district has sprung up less than a mile away. How do I know it’s less than a mile away? As soon as I got home, I turned on Google Earth and checked my walking route with the terrific RULER tool. The whole route was 1.66 miles.

What else did I do with Google Earth? Well, of course I looked at the high resolution images of that neighborhood and got a closer look at the mansion that was hiding down the road marked “private”. That’s the closest I’ll ever get to that house.

Ok, then I had to find out about the house the was for sale on the new street. The company with the sign out front didn’t have a public listing for it.  But curiousity about house prices sent me to Zillow for details of the assessed values on the expensive street and our humbler street.

My husband wondered which was stranger – that I’d measured the route with Google Earth, or that he didn’t doubt for a second that I had! Geeky me.

Next trip, I’ll take my camera and take pictures of the mini-Versailles at the end of the street, if they let me walk there again.