School Library 2.0 Tech Camp – Session 2

It’s time for the second session of the School Library 2.0 Tech Camp. This one is sponsored by the Questar III School Library System and will be held at Rensselaerville Institute Aug 20 and 21.

We have two days to learn about lots of 2.0 tools and talk about what Library 2.0 means for school libraries. Jill Hurst-Wahl will be the evening speaker, talking about Second Life. Really looking forward to that!

Looking forward to 2 fun days in a lovely location with lots of interesting discussions. Oh, and lots of good food too!

One thought on “School Library 2.0 Tech Camp – Session 2”

  1. Polly, it was good having time to catch up while at the Library Camp. And what a great location! I did stop today at the waterfalls and spent a some time walking about Sharon Springs. Thanks to the Camp participants for pointing out the history of Sharon Springs.

    Cool to see everyone’s eyes as we explored SL. It is a fascinating environment with much going on. Yet it is not for everyone. I think librarians should take time to explore it and decide for themselves if there is a reason why they personally should be there. Exploration ensures that they can have an informed opinion. It will also ensure that is virtual worlds are part of all of our futures, that they already know something about them.

    Hope to cross paths with you soon face-to-face or on a social network.

    Oh…that blog is

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