Feevy – dynamic blogroll on your sidebar

feevy lets you put updates from other blogs on your sidebar. Instead of a static list of links to other blogs (or in addition to), readers will see the latest entries from your selection of blogs. See sidebar for an example.

After signing up for an account, you add each blog address and select a generic icon for each blog or upload an image/avatar for each blog.

There are currently 3 choices for display: black, white and fluid (to be customized with CSS).

By default the latest update from each of the blogs will be displayed. If you’ve listed tons of blogs, this will take up way too much sidebar space. In this case you might want choose to have just a few blogs displaying. I’m not quite sure how feevy is deciding which blogs to show though. I need to play with this some more.

This doesn’t replace a blogroll of links to other favorite blogs, but it is an attractive alternative to having lots of RSS feeds rolling into your sidebar. Depends on your needs.