Looking back on School Library 2.0 Tech Camps

It’s been a few months since Linda Fox (Capital Region BOCES School Library System) and Dee Portzer (Questar III School Library System) sponsored Library 2.0 tech camps for 30 or so school librarians.

I’m looking back on the blogs that were started during the sessions and am so pleased to see so many of the blogs that were used to record ideas and reflections during tech camp have been turned into really useful communication tools!

Jan Tunison at Scotia Glenville CSD used her blog as a jumping off point for a technology update session for colleagues in her school district. I just love her observation on the “us” in delicious

“In the spirit of collaboration and the us in de.licio.us, teachers working on similar topics can easily share weblinks related to the topic of interest.” Rumor has it that the technology session was very successful!

Way to go Jan. http://jtunison.wordpress.com/2007/08/12/delicious/

At least two blogs have morphed into reading recommendation journals – The Librarian Soul and Library Crazy. I know I’ll be checking these for interesting and compelling titles to read. (apologies – I don’t recall whose blogs these are!)

The Libby Scene blog is being used to record issues, thoughts and ideas discussed as they work on updating the school’s Unified Research Model.

” ..one of the important skills that students should learn, especially in the era of Web 2.0, is that there are many ways to demonstrate learning or findings. Whenever possible, students should be given the opportunity to choose to share information in the form of a product that best demonstrates learning …. and be able to explain why they chose to create the product in a certain way.”

I believe some of the tech campers have started new blogs and wikis for various projects in their school libraries. I hope I’ll hear about what they’ve gone on to do as a result of tech camp.

In the meantime, another session of “tech camp” is scheduled for October. Looking forward to another 2 days of exploring how these tools help students, staff and teachers in a learning environment.