NYLA – Social Networking Tools PreConference

Jill Hurst-Wahl presented a full day session on social networking tools at the New York Library Association meeting. She filled presented all sorts of terrific ideas for using social networking tools in libraries and answered many interesting questions from the participants. She encouraged everyone to experiment with the tools and consider how they might help libraries connect with patrons and each other, share content and collaborate.

Specific tools discussed included:

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • LibraryThing
  • Twitter
  • slideshare
  • YouTube
  • delicious
  • Google Docs
  • Zoho

Other topics included wikis, blogs, rss readers, mashups and much more. It was a very full day! From the great questions and ideas from the audience, it seemed everyone found some interesting new ideas to take away. During breaks many people were sharing ideas for ways these tools could help them in their libraries. As one participant stated at the end of the session: “I just have so many ideas and projects in mind now.”

Jill’s slides are available at: http://www.hurstassociates.com/ppt/nyla2007.ppt