More to Explore – #1

These More to Explore tips are a follow up to the school library tech camp programs that many of you participated in during the summer/fall 2007. For those who didn’t get to tech camp, we hope these tips are useful to you too.

These are quick posts about 2.0 tools with tips on learning more and a focus on how you can put these tools to work. Some will be about tools we covered at tech camp and some new. There should be something in every post that you can accomplish in 15 minutes. Pick what interests you and have some fun!

More to Explore #1: Finding the time to learn

How to find time to learn more? That’s the biggest question isn’t it?

Don’t worry, don’t stress! You don’t have to learn everything about every 2.0 tool out there. Just take a few minutes once or twice a week to learn something new. Simply being aware of new tools & ideas will help you see ways they can help you in your work and/or personally.

Some ideas to get started, pick something and give it a try.

  • Ask a colleague what 2.0 tools they’re using.
  • Sign up for a new tool and give it a quick test run, don’t worry if you don’t explore it fully. Just get the gist of it.
  • Listen to a podcast while you’re walking or driving. School Library Journal has great podcasts.
  • View a conference presentation that interests you. is a terrific source of conference presentations.
  • Watch a video about a tool new to you. Commoncraft has some fun short videos.
  • Explore other learning programs. eg: the original Learning 2.0 program, the More Things: Applying 2.0 Tools forum and Learning More: a self-paced discovery series.

And most important:

  • Share! Share what you’ve learned with your students and colleagues. Or post what you learned here in the comments.

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