flickr does stats

Wow, how’d I miss this? Starting sometime in Dec, flickr started offering a nice statistics page for users who opt in. You can sort your photos by: total # of views for all time, total views last week and total views yesterday. Also sortable by: photos that have been ‘favorited’ by others and “interestingness”. There’s a list of referring web sites too.

Clicking on photo thumbnail displays data for just that photo, including what keywords people used to search for it within flickr.

I was surprised to see some of my older photos being viewed this past week. And also interesting to find out how many photos have never been viewed!

There are also breakdowns of how many of your photos are: tagged/untagged, public/private, geotagged/not and so on.

Use this handy page to gather data on how frequently your photos are being viewed and what websites are referring users to your photos. More great stats on library use for those monthly reports.