My career is both Hot and Overrated!

Being a librarian is one of the best careers, according to US News & World Report. I agree. At the same time being a small business owner is one of the most overrated careers. I think they’re on target with that too.

But combine the two and it’s all good! There are lots of opportunities for librarians to provide consulting and training services to other librarians, schools, non-profits and the business world. If there’s something you particularly love to do (and you’re good at it!) and you have a strong professional network, it can work. Helps to have someone else providing your health insurance though.

I’ve been doing this for 12 years now and though I don’t always love all the business-y (bills, accounts, invoices) parts of my day, I love working with librarians from all parts of our profession and learning from them. And I’m inspired by their passion for what they do. My work is never dull and I’m constantly challenged to learn new things. (And there are no staff meetings to endure!)

It’s great to see other colleagues taking this route. Connie Crosby, who recently dubbed herself “leisure girl”, has just taken the plunge. Though I suspect that she’s too much in demand to live up to the “leisure girl” moniker!

2 thoughts on “My career is both Hot and Overrated!”

  1. Hi Polly:

    Too true! I am now being teased that I did not take a long enough break, that I am already in the thick of things. There is definitely lots to do in the librarian world; the challenge is to make a living at it. You are a wonderful role model and I look forward to future discussions on how you actually do it.

    What I am looking forward to is a range of challenging projects to keep me engaged and motivated, a bit more time to learn more so I can help others, and the freedom to network and connect with a lot more colleagues.


  2. Thanks Connie! I didn’t go into this with any sort of game plan, so I think you’re way ahead of the curve on that one. You didn’t even get to take a decent sabbatical. 🙂

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