Great service from T-mobile

I’m sorry I had to cancel my T-mobile hotspot account today (and no it had nothing to do with Starbucks canceling their contract with tmobile!). I’ve used T-mobile for nearly 4 years now. Never had any reason to call customer service or support. The service always worked as promised and billing was never a problem. In an attempt to consolidate some of my communications services, I’ve opted for a Verizon broadband card for my laptop, simply because that’s who I have for my cell phone service. Though I did reconsider during the multi week hassle of activating the Verizon card.

Back to T-mobile. When I called them today, I really expected to spend ages canceling the service and to get a barrage of questions and pressure to stay with them. Though they did suggest that I could have used their broadband card for my laptop, the service agent was most pleasant and did not pressure me. The whole process was, in fact, painless! No long phone tree menu of choice after confusing choice to get to the right person. The first person I spoke to was able to help, was friendly and efficient. If ever I need to change services again, T-mobile will be top of the list.

Thank you!