Travel info chatter and a twitter mashup

While looking at some travel sites earlier today, I ran across an interesting airport chatter service at

Use this service to find out what’s happening now at your airport(s) and to share your observations with fellow travelers. Chatter topics include security wait times, traffic conditions, tips on airport services, incidents, ground transportation, customs/immigration experiences, check-in conditions and much more. Feel free to add to the chatter!

It’s a great idea, though it doesn’t seem to have enough people chattering at any one time for it to be tremendously useful. Perhaps it will improve over time. I hope so.

This got me thinking about how twitter might be used to accomplish something like this. Still haven’t found if there is a mashup of twitter and aiport chatter, but I did find this very nifty new service call CommuterFeed.

It’s a feed of twitter posts about traffic and transit delays throughout the world. You contribute to it by sending a twitter tweet to the user @commuter, followed by your airport code. So a delay on a Los Angeles highway would be go something like this “@commuter LAX delay on the 405 at the 105”. To receive updates on your location, you can pick up an RSS feed for your region.

Pretty nifty.