Turning off YouTube’s ‘related videos’ feature

Embedding YouTube videos on your web site? The embedded player that YouTube provides includes links to videos related to your video based on the words you used to describe your video. Problem is, these ‘related videos’ might not be what you want on your library web site. Take a look at the related videos showing up on your video pages on YouTube to get an idea of what might be showing up on your embedded video player. Fortunately YouTube provides an easy way to turn off the ‘related video’ feature if you choose to do so. Thanks YouTube!

To turn off the ‘related videos’ feature, edit the embedding code that YouTube gives you and change the two instances of: $rel=1 to $rel=0

Explanation at: http://tinyurl.com/2xbrob

UPDATE: even easier way to do this – just click on the customize link above the embed code to get the option for excluding video. Thanks to Curtis Rogers for posting this tip to flickr.

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