50 Reasons Not to Change

From: Biocultural Science & Management
Last fall I started to compile a list of what I was somewhat jokingly calling FRO’s or Frequently Raised Objections, reasons people didn’t want to try new technologies. I think all of the FRO’s on my list are on this great graphic. I can see a few things I’ve said or thought on this list, ouch! How about you? Time to banish the reasons not to change. I’d love to make a full color version of this to hang in my office!

via: What I Learned Today and Biocultural Science & Management

2 thoughts on “50 Reasons Not to Change”

  1. I like your “FROs” (as in “hemming and hawing, to and FRO?”).

    The original file can be downloaded for you to color and hang. It would be interesting to hang it also where visitors could add their own version in a speech bubble, maybe?

  2. mpb – that’s a fun idea to hang it where visitors can add their own ideas. I work in a home office, so all the contributions from here would be my own! “to-ing and fro-ing” good one!

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