Thanks to the folks at the Monterey Bay Area Cooperative Library System

Hartnell College Library A huge thank you to all the wonderful MOBAC folks and staff at the Hartnell College Library in Salinas, CA. The Audio, Screencasting and Video workshop last Friday went off without a hitch. And what a wonderful lab and library, a beautiful facility and a pleasure to teach there. Thanks so much for installing all the software and buying the additional audio and video equipment, what a difference that made for the group. And thanks to everyone who attended the session, I really enjoyed meeting all of you and hearing about the projects you’re working on. And finally a big thanks to Steve Watkins who had the tough job of twisting my arm to get me to leave upstate New York in February and spend a day or two in California. As an added bonus, Steve showed me the new library building going up at CSU Monterey Bay, it’s going to be amazing!