Finding Photos – flickr Search Tools

Do you use flickr to find photos for presentations, reports and projects? It’s truly a treasure trove of photos, images and screenshots.

You can search for images of types of objects (apples, sailboats, panda bears) or specific places (Mt. Everest, Iguazu Falls) and even photos that evoke a certain emotion or concept (cheerful, speak no evil).

And by using flickr’s advanced searching option and limiting to Creative Commons licensed photos, you’ll find images that you can use without copyright worries.

But if you use flickr for this sort of search often, you’ll soon get tired of plowing through tons of images and downloading photos one by one. This is where some 3rd party tools come in handy.

  • flickrstorm – Enter search terms to retrieve photos matching that term. In addition, flickrstorm retrieves a set of related photos as well. Best of all, you can save individual photos to a “photo tray” and download them all to your computer at one go. This is a great time saver. (via Librarian in Black)
  • PicLens – This handy browser add-on lets you fly through a set of photos and zoom in on the one’s that look interesting. You’ll still need to select each photo individually for download, but you can preview hundreds of photos in a flash. Works with YouTube, Picasa, Photobucket and other image rich web sites. (via TheShiftedLibrarian)