Free Flip Video Cams for non-profits

Flip Video has committed to giving away 1 million Flip Video cams to qualified non-profits to help them tell their stories. Check their guidelines to see if your library or organization qualifies.

Pure Digital Technologies announced the Flip Video Spotlight program in September 2007 at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. We imagine the impact that video would make if every nonprofit organization had a camcorder to tell the world about problems that need to be solved, opportunities that need to be seized, abuses that need to be corrected, and people who need to be extolled.

The Program will distribute Flip Video Ultra camcorders. These are easy-to-use, high-quality devices with on-board software to enable editing, organizing, and video publishing through AOL, YouTube, MySpace, and other popular video sharing sites.

2 thoughts on “Free Flip Video Cams for non-profits”

  1. I’m a librarian who also teaches classes to the public. I think the use of a flip video would add another dimention to the information we give the public.

  2. desperately seeking 10 free flip video cameras for video pal project USA/China. please advise

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