GoGooligans revisited

After I posted some concerns about GoGooligans last week, the developer of GoGooligans responded to these and those expressed by others over at flickr.

As a result, he’s deleted the “hey kid – click this button when your parents or teachers aren’t looking” feature. Thank you!!

And he’s updated some search terms and phrases to unblock phrases like “breast cancer”. There’s a link on the page to contact them if you find other words and phrases have been inappropriately blocked.

There are three search pages withing GoGooligans and it’s worth looking at each one to see which one might fit your needs:

I appreciate the developer responding to the concerns. And I’d like to hear reactions from others about this new search engine for kids.

One thought on “GoGooligans revisited”

  1. Thanks Polly,
    I’ll keep checking back to see if others have any suggestions or feedback for us that we can use to help improve GoGooligans.com.

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