Terrific magazine style WordPress theme

I love this magazine style WordPress theme and think it would be terrific for libraries looking to use WordPress as a content management system for their web site. I particularly like how it lets you have the latest story from each of your ‘categories’ show up on the main page. Create categories corresponding to library departments, service areas, branches… and the latest news from each will be on the main page. A lot less “bloggy” than many WordPress themes.
Branford Magazine WordPress Theme

And you can keep a main feature story at the top of the page, regardless of how many other stories are flowing into other parts of the page.

I haven’t tested it out yet though. The next library that wants me to help them with their web site is going to have to look at this one! 🙂 I also plan to use it as an example in a class I’m putting together on using WordPress to replace ‘traditional’ web sites.

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  1. Just a quick note to show your readers what it can look like. We’ve been thrilled with this theme. I find it quite easy to use – though it certainly helps to be a bit familiar with WordPress/CSS You can check out Brantford in action by clicking on our name.


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