Web 2.0 Workshop Day at Nioga

We’re having a great and productive day here at Nioga Library System in Lockport NY. We’ve spent the morning sharing ideas about using 2.0 tools in libraries. Everyone shared what they’ve been doing in their libraries, their successes and challenges. Suggestions and ideas have been flying like rapid fire. Lots of the ideas are (or will be soon…) on the class wiki page.

After all the idea sharing, everyone outlined what project they want to work on this afternoon. In some cases this turned out to be something different than they had planned on doing when they arrived. All are real world projects that they’ll be able to use back in their libraries and communities.

And since I brought toys to play with, Lorraine decided to test out my Flip video cam. Here’s her quick test video. We’re having fun and getting some boot fashion tips too!

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Workshop Day at Nioga”

  1. very cool! how long have you had your flip vid cam? they’re so cute online! i want one! (even tho i have a sanyo xacti) i still want one. looks like you guys had lots of fun and learned stuff too 🙂

  2. Hi Curtis, I bought the camera late last year. It’s been fun to have for classes – everyone wants to try it out. It’s not the best video quality in the world, but it’s just so easy to use. Can’t be beat for getting a video online fast. The class was great today – they were so enthusiastic and generous. They all had such good ideas and worked so collaboratively, it was a pleasure.

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