Dear Dell Computer

Dell Computer manual
I try to avoid ranting here on my blog, but this whole laptop mess has me needing to do some venting.

Some suggestions for Dell Tech Support:

– When a customer says they have their computer manual right in front of them, pay attention! They ignored me. There was a diagram in the book that showed exactly what they were trying to explain. One of the covers they wanted me to remove popped off with my fingernail, the other with the key tag from the gym. Ok, so I should have opened the book myself, but I was rather deep into screwdrivers and trying to hold the phone at the same time. Mind you, TWO tech support people ignored my “I have the manual” statement.

– Train people to give directions in multiple ways. They kept repeating directions in the same words. That doesn’t help when someone obviously doesn’t understand. Ultimately it led to my breaking parts of the computer case.

– When I asked why the next day service that I paid for was going to take 3-5 days, the same statement was repeated “You have next day coverage, but the parts will be 3-5 days” No further explanation of why the parts would take so long. Where they manufacturing the parts? Just tell me why! It’s all about that be transparent thang…

– Don’t change your tune. When I insisted on further explanation of the next day service question, the answer came back with “oh by the way – since you dropped the computer, it’s not really covered by next day service, you’ll have to ship it back to us”.

– Accommodate your customers’ travel schedules. I have a laptop because I travel extensively. I was on the road for the week. But the box for returning the computer to them could only be shipped to my home address, delaying the return by 4 days. Had they shipped the box to my hotel, the computer would be repaired and on it’s way back to me by now.

What went right?

– The return box was perfect. Easy to understand instructions. Return shipping went smoothly. It’s at Dell now.

– Despite my frustrations with the tech support, both women were polite and tried to be helpful. I know they were just doing what they were supposed to do and no doubt they were following scripts that were imposed on them.

– Dell said they that my coverage does include all repairs. I hope they’re right.

As a result, I’m left without a travel computer and need to leave on another trip. I’ll be digging out the ancient dusty laptop that doesn’t have my broadband access card and no room for all my applications and files.

4 thoughts on “Dear Dell Computer”

  1. Back in the day… I had nothing but macs. Then I was bilingual for a few years. Finally had to go all PC cuz all the labs I teach in are PC. Wish I could afford to have both again. 🙁

  2. Hello:

    I’m a Dell Customer Advocate and just wanted to reach out and let you know that your feedback regarding recent Dell support is greatly appreciated. Feedback from customers such as yourself allow us to make improvements in regards to policy and support provided to our community.

    That said, I apologize for the problems that you have encountered and if you have any remaining questions or concerns regarding your service contract or Dell policy, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Chris B
    Dell Digital Life Liaison

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