Dear Dell – Part 2

My laptop came back today and still doesn’t work. It did work for a few minutes. Enough to lull me into nice feelings towards Dell. They did the work in a hurry and got it back to me in speedy time, but it still doesn’t work.I once again had a long call to Dell tech support while a very polite person handled me with kid gloves. “thank you for patiently waiting miss polly” – I’ve heard that phrase about 50 times in the past 10 days.When they said they’d send a technician to fix it, I momentarily thought hooray! But then the “let me set your expectations” phrase came out. Another one that I’ve heard too much of.

It seems that the next day repair service I purchased means 2-3 business days. I do realize that at 8 pm on a Wednesday, next day would probably mean Friday. But 2-3 business days was turning into next Monday – a full 2 weeks after the initial problems.

Not happy, I asked for the supervisor. After another “thank you for patiently waiting” there was no supervisor to be found. The technician (who truly was polite through this whole thing) then managed to turn the 2-3 days into “I assure you your computer will be working by the end of the day on Friday”.

What annoys me, is that I had to get angry to get the next day service that I paid for. I’ve had Dell computers for years, ever since I moved from a Mac to a PC. And the tech support and next-day repair service used to be quite good. What’s happened?

Do I hear a Mac beckoning me back into the fold???

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