Kindernet – Children’s Search Engine

Just heard about Kindernet, a new children’s search engine. Though the layout isn’t the jazziest at the moment, the search results look useful and age appropriate. The developer left a comment on Phil Bradley’s blog indicating that they’re working on a new look for the site. Looking forward to seeing how this project develops.

From their “about us” page:

Core Values

  • Safe
    A pre-researched set of great sites for kids.
  • Relevant
    Helps kids, teachers and parents find what they are looking for sooner.
  • Global
    Children are able to participate and communicate with other children around the globe.
  • Friendly
    Designed to be user-friendly for all children 12 and under.
  • Free
    The Kindernet search engine is free for all people to use.

(via LIB and Phil Bradley.)