Digital Drugs? Is it April Fool’s Day?

When I saw this column in the paper today Digital Drugs: A new worry for parents, I immediately wondered if I’d been whisked around the calendar to April Fool’s Day. But, no, it’s not April and a quick search showed that this has been carried by many of the major news sources over the past few weeks.

These ‘drugs’ are sound files that are supposed to create some sort of brain reaction. I listened to a few and only found them annoying. But the article wildly (in my opinion!) concludes:

At the very least, digital drugs promote drug use. Some sites say binaural beats can be used with illegal drugs.

That’s quite a claim!

As Linda Braun points out in her YALSA blog post Time for More Hype, if it’s in the media, you’ll probably be getting questions about it from parents, colleagues, etc. Do read Linda’s post on YALSA and the other material she’s linked to and be ready for this latest techno-drama.