Flickr’s own embeddable slide show

There are plenty of ways to embed a slideshow of your flickr photos on your web/blog/wiki page. But up till now, there was no quick and easy way to do it directly from your flickr account.

Now you can copy and paste a simple line of code to embed a slide show of any of your sets of photos, your photostream, tags, search results and so on. There aren’t too many options with the slideshow, currently just the size of the slideshow can be changed. There aren’t any photo captions or links back to your flickr account. No doubt flickr will add features as time goes by.

Check out the flickr blog post: Our new slideshow: pass the popcorn! for more details.

And for a whole slew of other ways to embed flickr photos on your web/blog/wiki pages, check out my Flickr Slide Shows wiki page. Some of these 3rd party tools still have more options than the new flickr slide show service.

Flickr Slide Show of “My Favorites