Cartoon Network Game Creator

Cartoon Network Game Creator

In an effort to get lots of little notes off my desk, I’ve just spent a few minutes playing with the Cartoon Network’s Game Creator. Heard about it in episode 5 of the Games in Libraries podcast.

I confess, I’m really pathetic at playing video games, but I did have fun creating my own VERY easy game.  And I found another really easy one that was right up my beginner level alley.

Creating a game involves 6 easy steps: including picking a character, a background, goals, barriers and more. Once you’ve tested your game to make sure it actually can be won, you can submit it to be approved for inclusion with other games. Other people can play it and rate it. And you can invite your friends to play too.

There’s lots of information for parents, a help section and short tutorial on building a game, which I appreciated, but suspect isn’t needed by most kids.

There was a very short commercial when first visiting the site, but it was short. Only suggestion I would have is provide some way to embed a game on a blog or web page.

Just call me Mighty Zeus Llama from now on!