Google in Quotes

Via Phil Bradley’s weblog:

Google has come out with a really clever gizmo that they’re calling ‘Google in Quotes‘. Basically it pits two political figures from some major countries together allowing searchers to type in a search term in order to compare what they say about the subject. The experiment comes in various country flavours…

This service is one of the ever interesting projects from Google Labs and draws quotes from sources covered by Google News. Handy for a quick lookup. Out of context quotes can certainly be misleading, as a search on what John McCain has said about “England” reveals. But there are links back to the original news source to provide context. Handy for information literacy lessons pehaps?

Note that you can find quotes for people other than the ones that are listed. Select “custom” from the Edition dropdown box and start typing someone’s name in one of the “quotes by” boxes, matching names will pop up.