SimpleViewer Photo Gallery Tool

Simple Viewer screenshot I wasn’t looking for software to make web based photo galleries and I can’t remember what led me to this tool, but SimpleViewer is a very nifty tool. I used the free desktop version that works with Picasa and quickly created a slick looking photo gallery.

The download file from SimpleViewer is a template that Picasa uses to create a web page of your photos. Simply pick the photos for the photo gallery, export them using the SimpleViewer template and upload the files to your web server. All the directions are on the SimpleViewer site.

No doubt there are many other photo gallery tools out there, but I like the look and feel of these photo galleries and it really was simple. Granted the free version doesn’t have captions and titles for the photos. Those features appear to be available in their Pro ($45) server based version. There are other SimpleViewer tools available for use with flickr and WordPress.

Any other suggestions for great looking photo galleries?