FeedMyInbox – super easy rss to email

FeedMyInbox is a fairly new tool for getting RSS content via email. And it’s dead simple to use. Enter the URL for the feed and your email address. That’s it! You’ll get an email with a confirmation link and then you’ll start getting a single email every 24 hours for each feed you’ve subscribed too.

If you don’t know whether a site has an RSS feed, just enter the URL for the site itself. FeedMyInbox checks for you. If there’s more than one feed (try npr.org for example) you’ll get a list of feeds to choose from. Pretty slick.

And for bloggers who want to provide readers with quick way to let users sign up for their blog via email, create a link to FeedMyInbox and add your feed address on the end like this:


Plop it somewhere on the sidebar of your blog and you have an easy way to reach readers who aren’t using RSS feed readers.

Try it out: Subscribe to Polly’s Blog

There are other tools, like FeedBurner, that do this same thing by providing a box to put on the sidebar of your blog (see the right side of my blog). But I’ve found FeedBurner is a bit daunting to new bloggers.