Great flickr images about our online world, media, life

About a year ago Helene Blowers tipped her readers to a great set of flickr images – Lynetter’s Interesting Snippets. Lynetter takes quotes about the online world, media and communications and finds great images to illustrate them. (Creative Commons licensed of course.) I love these images and quotes and have used quite a few of these in presentations.

And I was excited to discover another terrific set of images recently – Digital Bites by Will Lion.  I hope both Lynetter and Will Lion continue to add to these wonderful sets. Thank you both!

Whether you’re doing presentations or not, these slides make for interesting and thought provoking viewing.

2 thoughts on “Great flickr images about our online world, media, life”

  1. Love the Tiltviewer view of your photos. I’ve used their simpleviewer tool and love that too. Thanks for all your great photo-quotes. A lot of work goes in to them! And happy to find your blog.


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