In case you haven’t heard, texting is kind of popular. 😉

Personally, it looks like I would fall into the over 65 crowd, but I think my texting age will go down if I ever get a smarter phone. But look at those numbers for those in their teens & 20’s. Is there any doubt how they communicate?

So, how is your library keeping up with this? Does your library provide easy access to information via mobile devices? Does your web site work on a mobile device? Do you provide IM reference? Can your catalog text you with information about library materials? Or are you missing out on new ways to communicate?

And if you think that texting is going to go away, check out the more than 400% increase in just 2 years! Yikes. Bring on that smart phone. And more agile thumbs.

updated 11/11/08 – images got mixed up. fixed.