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I’ve been waffling about sharing my political thoughts here, though no one who knows me has any doubts who I’m voting for. And even though I don’t think I’ll change any undecided minds, I decided I wanted to put it down ‘on paper’, so to speak, before the election.

There are so many issues to consider in this election, and even if we have strong opinions about many (all!) of them, our decisions often come down to one or two that strike us most personally. For me, one of the top issues is health care and who I believe has the best ideas about how to fix a system that doesn’t work for many people. I know that many ideas won’t get implemented exactly as the campaigns suggest they will, but I still have to vote for the candidate who gives me the most hope.

I have a chronic disease, though you wouldn’t know it. Thanks to terrific doctors and really good health insurance, I’m just fine, thank you. But, and this is a really big one, I take lots of meds that cost a lot. One alone would cost over $20,000 a year without insurance. Though that sounds outrageous, there are people who need drugs that cost far more than that. Without health insurance, I can’t see how I could be taking that medicine. And without it, I might not be able to work and contribute to my world in any way.

I am enormously grateful for good insurance, insurance that didn’t turn me down for a pre-existing condition when I switched from one policy to another. My fear? That when I get to medicare age, I’ll be denied these drugs. Irrational? I don’t know. I’m saving my money for that possibility. But still, I’m lucky, I’m working, I can save, for now.

So, the election? The fears I have for the future are the daily reality for too many in this country and my heart breaks for them. We have to find a way to provide good health care for all in this country. And McCain’s tax credit just isn’t going to do it. If I’m poor and deciding whether to pay for housing, put food on the table or buy health insurance? Guess what, that tax credit would go for the roof over my head and food. As for me, give me a $2,500 tax credit and I’ll probably put it in my retirement account. It won’t go towards buying health care for anyone. What’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think McCain doesn’t care, I truly believe all the candidates care. I won’t bash anyone here. I just simply don’t agree with the McCain view of how to fix the problems we have.

While Obama inspires me, he gives me hope. I share his values, I trust his intelligence and his heart. And he seems ready for the hard choices and challenges ahead. Here’s hoping for a good day tomorrow and everyday.

4 thoughts on “Voting for Obama”

  1. I don’t think I’m supposed to publicize my political opinions too loudly (being a state employee) so I won’t go there, but Polly, I totally agree, health care is key. It breaks my heart to see people struggle with something that is literally a life-and-death matter. Yes, I’m fortunate, but I could just as easily be unfortunate. And in fact, I have to make career choices largely based on the health insurance situation.

    I also know that small businesses / organizations struggle to pay for health insurance for their workers. I don’t see why a for-profit system should be in charge of something that is crucial to the survival of our citizens. I think innovation, entrepreneurship, a sense of possibility, and a greater willingness to look at health issues preventatively would result from a sea change in our health care system.

    So no matter what you think, don’t forget to vote today – my experience was as quick and painless as you can imagine – no lines, no waiting, easy to work with voting system – very happy with the whole process!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sharon. We’re both lucky to have the health care we have and I know it is as much on your mind as is mine. You were one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote this. We both know how easy it would be to end up on the wrong side of the health care situation.

    As the owner of a small business, I purchased my own health insurance for years, through a small business consortium. The cost was around $3,000 a year for one person. In retrospect, this seems like a bargain, given the cost of serious health care issues. Family coverage or coverage for employees would probably have been out of reach though.

    No magic answers. But I am going out to vote now!

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