Akoha’s Room to Read Community Challenge

Check out Akoha, a game based on the idea of ‘paying it forward’ – do something nice for someone else and ask them to do the same. Akoha uses cards with good deed missions printed on them, you pass them on and can follow their path through the world on the Akoha site.

In addition to being fun and making you feel good, Akoha has partnered wtih Room to Read to sponsor the construction of a school library in Nepal.

What if playing a game could make the world a better place? Playing Akoha missions can be fun and meaningful. As part of our play testing phase, we’ve adopted a school project with Room to Read. After the Akoha community completes 25,000 missions, we will sponsor a Room to Read school in Nepal on behalf of our player community. Now your completed missions can not only lead to everyday adventure, but also benefit a great cause. (via Akoha blog)

It would be interesting to see how Akoha might play out in a school classroom setting. Students could create and carry out their own missions related to their local community, print cards, pass them on and track them. Or perhaps partner with a classroom in another school. All while helping sponsor the construction of a school library in Nepal.

Akoha is still in beta testing and I’m not yet a member, so I don’t have any more in the way of details to share about how it works. I hope to get a beta invite soon and looking forward to seeing how this develops.