Ft Plain Central Schools Tech Camp

Ft Plain Jr Sr High Web  2.0 Workshop I’m looking forward to meeting with 20 teachers at the Ft. Plain (NY) Central School on Saturday Dec 6. At 8 am! On a Saturday! Wow, you guys are dedicated souls.

This is going to be a 2.0 “tech camp” training day. We’ll be covering social bookmarking with delicious.com. We’ll use iGoogle to create a personal web portal and as a place to pull together RSS feeds from blogs, news sources, databases, delicious and more. iGoogle is a fun and useful tool that students can use to gather research material.

During the afternoon we’ll look at flickr as a place to upload photos, as a source for creative commons licensed photos to jazz up presentations and some fun image generators. Then we’ll do a quick podcasting demo.

The day will wrap up with time for you to explore whatever new tools you’re curious about.  Please share your discoveries by writing a comment on this blog post.

  • What tool did you pick?
  • Was it easy to figure out?
  • How might you use it with your students?

If everyone shares, we’ll all have some great new ideas! Sounds kind of like a chain letter – only way better.

15 thoughts on “Ft Plain Central Schools Tech Camp”

  1. Learned a bunch at today’s workshop! After registering at each of the new websites, I added the address to “delicious” for future reference.

    There’s so many tools to choose from on the web – it can be truly overwhelming! I’ll pick a few that seem to fit my teaching style and go from there.


  2. This was a great learning experience. I can see many new applications that I can use in the resource room and also use personally. There is a lot of information,so I appreciate being able to just learn a couple at a time. Truly a snappy presentation!

  3. I really enjoyed the flikr software. I know I will use that especially personally. I think the delicious software will be extremely valuable to track our websites that we commonly visit. Polly you did a great job keeping the class moving and not overwhelming us with the details. Having time to explore and play on our own was the best part. Thank you.

  4. Great Day! Great Food! I will use flickr, glogster, and igoogle immediately. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  5. A day jam packed with techie information. I learned about many useful websites that provide free tools. This was the best Saturday I have ever spent in school. I would highly recommend this to everyone. I just hope I can remember all of the little tabs and tools that were presented to us.

  6. I am excited about every tool we learhttp://rss.ebscohost.com/AlertSyndicationService/Syndication.asmx/GetFeed?guid=1633330ned about today. I can’t wait to play with the sites and learn more about them. I’d like to have the children use podcast for short book reviews, use flickr to download my own photos, and set up new downloads from delicious, both for topics in which the students are interested and my personal interests.

  7. Today was a day jammed with great information and tools that can be used in my classroom. I enjoyed the refresher on some of the web20 tools that I had forgotten about, since this past summer. I plan on using glogster, flickr, blogs and goggle page in my classes for students to do assignments. I really would like time to create one complete teaching tool.

  8. I really enjoyed this workshop. I learned many new ways to enhance my teaching and personal learning as well. Polly did a great job walking us through and explaining the different websites. The day went smooth and didn’t drag at all. Even though it was on a Saturday, it was well worth the time and experience. Thank you Kathy for putting together this workshop!

  9. The information presented at the tech camp today will help me better organize my bookmarks and share valuable tools with others. Also, delicious.com will help me locate valuable websites much quicker, and from any location. My personalized igoogle home page is very useful too.

  10. Don’t believe everything you see on camera! Though the women behind me were having waaaaay too much fun, the skills and web links learned will be immediatly employed into my classroom.
    Great food.
    Thanks Kathie and Polly

  11. A fantastic opportunity to explore so many new resources! I will use many of the sites with the jr/sr high students in study halls and in our after school program! What great exciting learning tools!
    You are a great teacher and resource for us Polly.

  12. I found the workshop using the delicious website to be most useful in my classroom. I’ve begun searching for kindergarten websites with games to reinforce colors, shapes, numbers, and letters and phonics. My students have access to 2 computers in my classroom. I have only 2 webistes that I currently use. Within 5 minutes of searching delicious I now have 5 more that I plan to share with my grade-level team.

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