School Library Systems and the New York State Budget Crisis

New York State’s School Library Systems are taking quite a financial hit in the current economic crisis. There will be cuts to many of the important support and training services they provide to school library media centers throughout the state.

I received this from Linda Fox of the Capital Region BOCES SLS today:

The Capital Region BOCES School Library System joins all other SLS’s in the state in concern about the state’s fiscal crisis. At this writing, funding for systems is at a standstill. Part of the funding has been received, but there is no indication that the remainder of the approved funding will arrive any time soon. This has a direct impact on staffing and programs.

Because of the uncertainty of funding, SLS funded staff development programs have had to be suspended for the winter months.

Programs such as Interlibrary loan, courier, and listserv will continue unchanged. You also should not see any change in the timeline or process of database consortium purchasing as this program is funded by the membership.

My colleagues and I continue to work with legislators and their staffs to impress upon them the value of School Library Systems and the need for funding. We are watching the process in Albany very carefully as it plays out. Honestly, I am not highly optimistic in this financial climate. But the important work that you do every day, and that we attempt to support continues.

Learn more about the cuts and what school libraries mean to education at this site: School Library Systems Advocacy Toolkit.