My kind of library

At the Bordeau Bistro
Happiness is a teeny tiny portable computer, free wifi, a cup of coffee and lunch – all while visiting your  public library. John has another great shot in front of the fireplace in the library. If I lived there, this would be my office away from home for sure. (Peter White Public Library in Marquette MI.)

(photo by John December)

4 thoughts on “My kind of library”

  1. How cozy! We let our students eat in my library, and we have wireless, but sadly, no coffee shop or fireplace! We’ve been trying to work on the coffee shop angle since the school opened, but there have been a few hiccups along the way…maybe one day! I did ask for a fireplace, but I am sure the architect laughed hysterically! I also wanted a full wall length water feature! We can dream, right?

  2. Nice that the kids can at least eat in the library. Love that you’ve asked for a coffee shop and a fireplace and the water feature! You never know what you can get till you ask.

  3. Helene, good to hear another rave review. I’m getting closer to getting something tiny. Will it go to Oz with you?

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