On Sharing Photos & My Not-So Clean Desk

clean desk Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love flickr. I love how shared photos & conversations around those photos help me connect with friends, family and colleagues. And how photos can bring to life, places I may never get to see in person.

And thanks to the generosity of people who share their photos via Creative Commons licensing, flickr is also a terrific source of images for livening up your blog, illustrating a school project or for use in presentations. Use flickr’s advanced search option to find Creative Commons licensed content.

Most of my own photos are licensed for use by anyone as long as it’s a non-commercial use and they give me credit. Like many other people, I set up a  search alert on Google that lets me know whenever it finds my flickr user name mentioned anywhere. It’s always interesting to see where a photo may end up. And sometimes rather funny.

The photo above, ended up on a blog posting encouraging people to bring a bit of order to their workday by clearing up some of the clutter on their desks. A laudable goal. One that I will now try to live up to. I’ve been clearing mountains of papers all week. I hope to see the surface of my desk soon.

With that goal in mind for the New Year, let me wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful 2009.