Ten Trends & Technologies for 2009

Michael Stephens has posted his annual look at what technology trends he thinks will impact libraries in 2009.

This year, I’m focusing on some ideas and technologies that I believe will impact everyone. These things will surely influence library users and nonusers alike. My biggest concern is how can libraries respond in turbulent economic times.  So, here goes. In 2009, librarians, information professionals and libraries will be touched by:

  1. The Ubiquity of the Cloud
  2. The Changing role of IT
  3. The Value of the Commons
  4. The Promise of Micro-Interaction
  5. The Care & Nurturing of the Tribe
  6. The triumph of the Portable Device
  7. The importance of Personalization
  8. The impact of Localization
  9. The evolution of the Digital lifestyle
  10. The shift toward Open Thinking

To find out what these trends are all about, read this terrific post! The post is also available as a PDF file. And the presentation slides area also available in PDF.

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